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Quality, Style, Function & Performance

Napoleon® is continually developing fresh new designs and product improvements that are desired by today’s consumers. 


Gas, Wood, Electric & Outdoor

Add Value to your Home

Napoleon® fireplaces add value to your home while giving you uncompromising comfort and a reliable source of heat.   A Napoleon® fireplace adds the most return for your home investment.   Transform your favorite room in the house into a cozy retreat.  

Leading edge Design

Napoleon® is continually developing fresh new designs and product improvements that are desired by today’s consumers. Quality, style, function and performance – the benchmark of Napoleon®.

Quality Products

Napoleon’s commitment to producing quality products combined with honest, reliable service has proven to be a successful benchmark to ensuring the continued growth of the company.


Many Options

Gas Fireplaces, Direct & Natural Vent Gas Stoves, Inserts and Trim Kits.  Walker’s has a fireplace with a look to suit any style of décor – traditional, contemporary, transitional or country.  The perfect accent for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, entrance ways, offices, bars, lounges, living rooms and waiting rooms.

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Napoleon Fireplaces

Quality, Style, Function & Performance

Dynamic Heat Control

Napoleon’s Dynamic Heat Control™ (DHC), is a system for managing the heat produced by the appliance at or around the fireplace, allowing it to circulate effectively within designated spaces. Design your living space how you imagine with versatile options that avoid complex and costly installation requirements.

Ascent™ Series

The Napoleon Ascent™ Series of Gas Fireplaces is uniquely designed to brighten the vibe of any room in your house. With an incredible range of sizes and designer options it is sure to suit any vision.

Indoor / outdoor Kit

Bring the inside out, available on all sizes for the Luxuria™ series gas fireplaces. The Indoor/Outdoor Kit is a revolutionary solution that allows all See Thru fireplaces from the Luxuria™ series to be
installed on an exterior wall and to be enjoyed from both inside and outside your home.

GAS Fireplaces

Helpful Hints

Glass Cleaning 101

Did you know, using anything other than the approved Gas Fireplace Glass Cleaner can be harmful to the glass on your fireplace?

Do not use ammonia based cleaners, vinegar water mixtures or abrasive cleansers. These can strip the factory protective coating on the inside of the glass.

Film can build up from minerals in the fuel (such as sulfur and calcium) depositing on the glass during regular combustion, or even from minerals in the outside air that are being brought in through the venting that sustains your fire.  The cream cleaner acts as protective barrier against any buildup and helps coat the glass.

Using proper gas fireplace cleaner, pour about 2 tablespoons directly on to the glass. Spread the cleaner around using a soft cloth – not paper towels. Leave the cleaner to sit on the glass until completely dry, this takes about 15 minutes.  Buff the cleaner off using a soft clean cloth in circular motions.

For a tutorial on how to clean your fireplace glass, click here:


OR Read more on this topic from Napoleon Hearth Hints:


How often should I clean the glass on my fireplace?

Cleaning the glass will be dependent upon how frequently you use the fireplace, and should be done whenever you notice things starting to look a little hazy. The requirement of annual inspection and/or service is dictated in the National Fuel Code of Canada.


If you are interested in having maintenance done, call us for our current rates and availability.

How often should I replace the batteries in my remote?
It is important to replace the batteries in both the receiver and hand held remote regularly. A good rule of thumb would be at same time as you replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors around daylight savings.

To properly ensure synchronization, make sure you replace receiver batteries first and hand held remote batteries second.

How to properly synchronize your remote during battery replacement:

  1. Locate the receiver box – found inside the bottom “control panel” on the front of your fireplace.
  2. Remove the batteries in the remote and the receiver box. (Important: Check for any corrosion in the battery box or loose wiring in the receiver cavity.)
  3. Switch the receiver box to “OFF”
  4. Replace receiver batteries first.
  5. Replace remote batteries second.
  6. Switch receiver box to the “REMOTE” position – you should hear 2 beeps from the receiver.
  7. Turn Remote “ON” – you should hear three beeps from remote to signal synchronization.
  8. Test handheld remote operations. Still having troubles? Give us a call: 705-457-2375
F60 Handheld Remote – Thermostatic Function Lock Out

If you have disabled the thermostat function on your handheld remote ( used for US only ) here is an easy way to correct it.   

Simply remove one battery from the remote, while inserting it back in ( at the same time ) press and hold the thermostat button.  It will show SET and you will then press OK to confirm.  The thermostat/ smart mode will now work again.


We are very happy with our new propane fireplace. Wonderful heat making a very cozy atmosphere!.”

Elizabeth, Minden